Introduction to MicroJamJar

MicroJamjar is a company that is developing a range of digital signal processing (DSP) hardware modules designed for easy integration into customers products and designed to reduce time to market.

Our technology is based on the next generation functional programming language Ocaml which improves our productivity and increases the performance of our products. We have developed the hardware description language hardcaml within Ocaml to describe and simulate hardware designs. Ocaml then enables hardware and software co-design using one language. Today`s highly complex digital systems require a higher level of design abstraction and maintainability than is available using industry standard approaches such as VHDL/Verilog and C. This higher level of abstraction is available using Ocaml.

Ocaml labs at Cambridge University are developing the Mirage library OS in Ocaml. We are participating in the development and use of Mirage in embedded systems.

We are open sourcing our design tools and some of our DSP designs. We would be most pleased if the design community participates in using and developing these tools.

This web-site will be a blog about developments and our open-sourced technology. When they are available we will announce our products.