HardCaml Framework, Examples and Webapps

hardcaml-examples provides a small framework for creating HardCaml based cores and six example designs. The framework code provides the general plumbing required to create a console based application with features including code generation, simulation, and waveform viewing. A recent update extends the framework so that cores can be run on a webpage.

SAT solving and HardCaml

Combining a SAT solver with HardCaml to prove circuit equivalence.

OCaml and IOCaml on Android

Recently I was looking for an Ocaml solution for the Nexus 7. There are a couple of ocaml top-levels available but neither offer the ability to open packages or support for opam. Enter gnuroot.


Thackers Tiny Computer 3 (TTC) is one in a series of simple RISC processor cores designed by Chuck Thacker. The implementation provided here is based on a design by Simon Moore and friends at Cambridge University. We give a brief description of the CPU core and assembler and provide an online simulator for the CPU.

Reed-Solomon Interactive Demo

An interactive demo of Reed-Solomon error correction coding. The demo shows the workings of the CODEC in detail and allows the user to configure the RS code parameters and test case.


A Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder library written in OCaml.


IOCaml is an OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook. This provides a REPL within a web browser with a nice user interface including markdown based comments/documentation, mathjax formula and the possibility of generating all manner of HTML based output media from your code.


An opensource domain specific language embedded in OCaml for designing and testing register transfer level hardware designs.